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experimental audio tour.

Mirador Natural Reservoir, Steinfort, Luxembourg

Les Chuchotants is a collection of audio works by Giulio Dal Lago, Maïna Joner, Kasia Lewinska and Margot van der Sande,  scattered along the 29km itinerary of Eng Aner Siicht Op d'Natur.


Excerpts from the tour

Soundscapes and music composed by Giulio Dal Lago

The storm
00:00 / 05:42
The nest
00:00 / 02:20
00:00 / 04:59
Voices in the branches
00:00 / 02:31

The work is composed of site-specific series of stories, compositions and sound design works that have been composed specifically for certain locations and it was produced with the help from the communities around the route itself in a multilingual environment.
Les Chuchotants has encouraged families and locals to go out and explore more the surrounding natural resources in a period where all the cultural venues were closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. The project covers a very wide area and is a permanent feature of the park, therefore visitors have time to explore the sound map in different periods of the year and find all the different sonic locations.

Go to this link to launch them automatically. New ones are added regularly, so come back to hear new stories!

What do I need?
Your headphones and a smartphone or tablet with enabled GPS-tracking. If you are not in Steinfort, but you want to do the audio tour virtually, you can listen to the audio works on the map by placing a token on the areas highlighted.

How does it work? Enable the GPS-tracking function on your device and go to the interactive map to find out where the different audio works are located. When you arrive in the area of an audio work (symbolised by a circle on the map), it will launch automatically.If you don't have access to the network via mobile data, make sure to open the link before leaving your home or Wi-Fi zone and to save Les Chuchotants on your device by clicking on download.If you need help, visit the Dobausseministär!

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