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Venice home movies
Amateur liturgies of the urban vision
a project by Marco Bertozzi and Francesco Federici
sound performance by Giulio Dal Lago

Video projection and  site specific, live sound performance


July the 4th 2018

Tolentini garden, Venice



The project involves a dialogue between two different screens: the light screen of the video projection on the outer walls of the Venetian building of Tolentini dialogues with the fluid screen of the pool placed on the floor in front of the projection. The film its an assemblage of archive video material that was shot in the mid 1900s by Venetian families and visitors from boats. 

The function of the water screen is multiple: it reflects the light of the projection to the audience view and it also generates the sound material that is activated through the drops thrown on its surface and caught by contact microphones attached to the bottom. 


The interference on the liquid screen like the sonic waves in the air is therefore a trace of the live action that activates this instrument. Like the interweaving of the water ripples produced by boats in the Venetian canals, the lives of the cities inhabitants collide, mix and resonate with each others.

Giulio Dal Lago_sonic pool.jpg