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Spinning Land

Curated by Giulio Dal Lago and Naz Balkaya, @ IKLECTIK, London (UK). 26/01/2023

For a night event at Iklectik; Spinning Land is happy to present a time and space intervention, a group happening that confounds the boundaries between sound, performance and installation arts. Featuring five international artists who will explore the meaning of vibration and tremors in our body, Spinning Land creates an immersive experience that takes place in the garden and indoor spaces of Iklectik, Waterloo. The industrial ways of living have changed the “tones” in our bodies leading to fast paced capitalist frequencies and metabolic effects that are creating individual dependence on artificial oscillations. Nowadays, the human body has been cut away from listening to its natural axis and getting more defenceless to neoliberal transmissions and biopolitical domination of the mind. We are deliberately getting more detached from our feelings and suspended from the forms of producing collective loudness. Spinning Land offers a collaborative utopia as a response to the current polarisation of the body and the contemporary sounds of materialistic politics. The show presents a flow of performances creating a vibrant matter for the human body through the interaction of the sonic and corporal action, creating a land that spins, shakes the systemic rhythms and offers an ever changing perspective. Spinning Land presents the work of six artists whose practice critically engages with totalitarian norms and produces a loud satire against the individualistic tendencies, suggesting us to create a collaborative vibration. By exploring an interactive live happening that invites viewers to be a part of the performances, the show delivers an immersive experience that induces way of listening that go beyond the hearing perceptions. Spinning Land showcases the works by In Aanthropocene (UK), Naz Balkaya (TR), /da (TR), Fluctuosa (TR), Giulio Dal Lago (IT) and Deniz Unal (TR). The programme presents four performances, consisting of mixed visual arts media, ending with a live AV set. The performances will take place within the following flow;

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