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Giulio Dal Lago is a sound artist focusing on audio-visual cross contaminations in the realm of site-specific interventions through installation, live art, video art, composition, film, performance and theatre.

His practice revolves around the activation of everyday spaces, situations and actions through interventions on their sonic possibilities. Through this method he aims to create a semi-controlled movement between the sonic reality of an environment and an aural virtuality that is composed around it. 

His performances have been part of international festivals and art events such as Electronic Nights (Athens, GR), Artissima Art fair (Turin, IT) and have been included in exhibitions at Flat Time House gallery (London, UK) and venues such as Peckham Levels (London, UK). He also curates sound focused live art event TIDES in London.

co-directing SubPhonics

 Giulio  Dal Lago 

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