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Room Fogs 

Composed just after the first lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic in London, UK, Room Fogs expresses the relation between the isolated space of the flat and its occupiers and their unresolved necessity for movement and social interaction. 

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image: Supernulla studio

 layers reveals connections between commercials, emotions, dependance, video game, sound design and media before suddenly closing for a return to reality.. Composed for Gwaith Sŵn's Sonic Darts show on Resonance FM, broadcasted on 7th October 2019, "Headshot Bonus" was made with parts of ASMR youtube recordings, audio lists of Call of Duty's gun's sounds, video games' commercials and demos of joysticks sounds.

Headshot Bonus

'Headshot bonus' is a collage of quick and sudden events that aims to arouse in the listener the experience of video games' playing immersion. From the intimacy of close ASMR whispering to the unsettling mix of Vivaldi's composition with shooting sounds and soldiers' communication, the sound collage throws the spectator in a temporary virtual world.

The window to this new world of overlapping

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picture: Alessio Graldi



A huge graffiti wall  acoustically reflects  echoes of aural ghosts from the present and the past. A sonic review of the experience of a rave under a railway in Shepherd's Bush, London. 

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